Celebrating recovery with every mile


A Recoverun group can be started anywhere, by anyone. A group consists of a leader (you, maybe?) and 2-10 participants. Simply choose a time and place to meet (see "Location Requirements" below), and gather your friends, community, and/or family in recovery to start this incredible journey.  

To start a Recoverun group you'll need:

  • Two hours per week to devote to trainings
  • A smart phone with a timer and a running app 
  • The ability to walk/run with participants
  • ‚ÄčA group of 2-10 participants in addiction recovery

Recoverun will provide:

  • Training materials 
  • One-on-One Leader training
  • Registration on our website as a designated Recoverun group
  • Promotional materials (flyers, etc) for you to share with your community
  • Online and phone support for all your training questions and concerns

Location Requirements:

Safety is our first priority when planning running routes. For this reason, no Recoverun trainings can be conducted on roads. We recommend holding your trainings in a local park or in a neighborhood with a safe sidewalk route (with minimal road crossings). We do not recommend leading trainings on unpaved trails (gravel trails are fine, but rugged trail runs are NOT great for new runners). All routes must be approved by Recoverun before a new group is approved. 

Are you interested in starting a Recoverun group?