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You'd love to contribute but you want some swag of your own? We don't blame you! We teach our athletes that running can be a healthy mix of internal and external motivation (as in, "one more mile and I'll treat myself to a new pair of shorts!"). For motivation that's a bit more fancy, treat yourself to something special from KEEP Collective - ANYTHING purchased through this social will benefit Recoverun so we can give our athletes every opportunity for greatness!

Recoverun KEEP Collective Social

Celebrating recovery with every mile

Recoverun is now and will always ​be free for anyone in recovery who wishes to participate. There are lots of costs involved in running our program, however: boring stuff, like legal fees, insurance, administration (you know, running a business), and fun stuff, like sponsoring our athletes in races and outfitting them in kickass gear. Help us make Recoverun everything it can be by making a financial contribution today. With your help, we can run the world...