Our season will culminate on October 8th, 2016 as we run in the third annual David's New Day 5K race at Warminster Community Park. We are proud to support this organization, which is dedicated to spreading awareness and hope in the face of addiction. Through fundraising efforts, David's New Day aims to subsidize recovery care to people in our community, and provide resources where needed.




Celebrating recovery with every mile

Recoverun is a free program designed to incorporate a healthy, sustainable running practice into the lives of adults in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. Over the course of eight weeks, participants are coached through a simple "couch-to-5K-style" program that emphasizes mindful movement. By strengthening the mind/body connection through training, participants are given an empowering, practical experience that can be applied to all aspects of their recovery.




With so many exercise options, what makes running and recovery a perfect match?

  • Distance running is therapeutic, activating the parts of the brain that are often only fired up during meditation or prayer. Running gives us a "shortcut" to these soothing feelings, and can serve as a source of active meditation. The Recoverun program focuses on integrating mindfulness techniques into our workouts, so athletes get used to using running as a meditation tool.
  • Running is an independent sport. Once you know the basics, you can tailor running to suit your goals and lifestyle, wherever you are. For someone in a transitional period, having the ability to set goals, maintain health, and "let off some steam" through running can be a stabilizing and empowering force. 
  • Running is CHEAP! A pair of running shoes and weather-appropriate clothing is all you need to get started. Running doesn't require any membership fees, class fees, or appointments. There are an endless combination of parks, sidewalks, and safe trails that are perfect for running - the options are endless, and they don't cost a thing.
  •  Running promotes a heightened awareness of self-care. Without eating right, taking time to rest, and being kind to yourself, running is not sustainable. For those in addiction recovery, running teaches essential lessons in self care and physical awareness, and encourages us to appreciate all our bodies are capable of.

About the founder of recoverun

Plans for our 2017 season are in the works. For questions or to get a jump-start on registration, reach out on our Contact page. 

A sustainable running practice requires time, patience, commitment, and cooperation. Are you prepared to take this journey? Check out our Q&A section and see if Recoverun is right for you.

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Celebrating recovery with every mile



Sarah began her journey with the recovery community in 2010. When she began running with people in recovery, the idea for Recoverun was born. Sarah became a coach in 2012, working with other non-profit organizations, and in 2013 founded Recoverun in an effort to bring the benefits of running to her local recovery community. "For me, running is more than a sport. It is an exercise in challenging expectations, overcoming obstacles, and being in control of my surroundings." She developed the program as a means to share her passion for running with the most hardworking, driven people she has ever met - those living in recovery every day. She is a UESCA Certified Running Coach, and has been recognized as an Emerging Leader of Bucks County.

To transform addiction into athleticism by teaching mindful distance running. This structured program features a simple yet effective theme for every lesson, where we build endurance and explore the deep rewards of a regular running practice.